Stacks Image 5138
The Architecture of Learning.
Richard Caston looks at the Bauhaus heritage. International School Magazine 22.1
Stacks Image 5132
Stacks Image 5134
28.09.19 – 26.10.19 Die Seele der Landschaft
Jörg Liestmann Galerie
Düsseldorfer Landstrasse 390
47259 Duisburg
Stacks Image 5108
Stacks Image 5115
Kunstpunkte 2018

Open studio
Stacks Image 5121
Richard Caston at work in Lucca, Italy
Stacks Image 5097
Stacks Image 5103
2.11.16 – 15.12.2017 Caspar David, John and I
The International English Library
Kasernenstr. 6
40213 Düsseldorf
Stacks Image 5090
Flatford Mill
On the trail of John Constable
Stacks Image 5083
On the trail of Caspar David Friedrich
Stacks Image 5076
Hand, Head and Heart
Paintings by Richard Caston
Published by CastonArt, Düsseldorf
Stacks Image 5060
20.11.16 – 07.01.17 Landscape as Metaphor
Jörg Liestmann Galerie
Düsseldorfer Landstrasse 390
47259 Duisburg
Stacks Image 5067
Whose History?
Edited by Caroline Ellwood
Chapter 7:  Whose History? Whose Painting?
Published by John Catt Educational Ltd.
Stacks Image 4999
05.11.2015 – 29.01.2016
Die Pforten der Wahrnehmung.
Shadowstrasse 80. Düsseldorf.
Stacks Image 2628
Travelled to Romania to work at the estate of Michael Baron de Styrcea in Valeni.
Stacks Image 2289
8th March – 10th May
Himmel und Erde
„Hotel MutterHaus, Düsseldorf/Kaiserswerth.
Stacks Image 2257
Travelled to Mumbai
Stacks Image 2150
Travelled to Portugal to visit Colin and Mort Figue
1-18 February.
Norwich “Living Stones: Richard Caston’s silent journey”,
The Hostry, Norwich Cathedral.
Stacks Image 672
2013 Publication of the article “IB Teacher, IB Artist and Inspiration at a Cathedral” in the Summer/Winter edition of IS Magazine by the European Council of International Schools.
Stacks Image 930
December 2012 - Venice, Rick and Beatrice
Dezember 2012 - Winter Exhibition at Interart Cologne Galerie Reich
July 2012 - Drawing at Norwich Cathedral
Edith Caston 1915 – 2012
16th March - Hofgarten, Düsseldorf Rick and Beatrice
2011 September - Richard Caston with Rainer Schmidt
July 2011 - Richard Caston at Avebury
Stacks Image 24
2011 - With Prof. Jack Levy, Boston
Stacks Image 25
2011 - Richard and Beatrice
Invited to write the comments page on art and creativity in education, published in the Autumn/Spring 2011 edition of the IS Magazine.
Richard and Beatrice Caston with Joachim Schlandt, Insel Hombroich Museum, Neuss.
2010 - Richard Caston with Prof. Paul Yip Kwok-Wah, Dr.Betty Chan Po-king and Dr. Gary Morrison.

Group Exhibition: "Mit Leib und Seele" at the St. Mauritius Therapieklinik, Meerbusch, from the 5th February until the 30th April.

Presentation "A Walk in the Park: making a difference in IB Visual Arts" at the Association of German International Schools Conference in Hanover on the 6th February.

Publication of the article: "Getting started in IB Visual Arts" in the Spring/Autumn 2010 edition of IS Magazine published by the European Council of International Schools.
Stacks Image 30
The Art of Healing
January until December 2010 - Exhibition of paintings by Richard Caston at the Florence Nightingale Hospital, Düsseldorf.
Stacks Image 31
Presentation "Making a Difference in IB Visual Arts" at the European Council of International Schools Conference, Hamburg.
Stacks Image 32
July 2009 - Richard Caston in the studio
Stacks Image 33
Richard Caston with his teacher Godfrey Arnison (left) at Lyngate
Beatrice and Richard Caston
Stacks Image 36
November 2007 - Presentation "Drawing for Understanding", at the European Council of International Schools Conference, Madrid.
Stacks Image 37
September 2007 - Richard Caston in Florence, September 2007
Stacks Image 38
Richard Caston - Der Maler 18/03/06 - 29/04/06
Galerie Nicols
Suitbertus Stiftplatz 11
40489 Düsseldorf
Opening speech:
Stacks Image 39
Stacks Image 40
Presentations at the European Council of International Schools Conference in Nice: "Getting to the Heart of the Renaissance - an IB Visual Arts Study in Florence" and "The Dimensions of Culture - Cross Cultural Education in the Visual Arts".
July 2005 - The Artist with Prof. Jeffrey Thompson of Bath University, during the presentation of his portrait.
Presentation speech:
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Stacks Image 44
Organised, presented and participated in the “Odyssey” Exhibition, at the Acropolis Congress Centre, Nice, for the European Council of International Schools Conference.
Stacks Image 45
Richard Caston with John Wonnacott

Participated in the “Sitzkunst” art event in Cologne and on tour in Germany and Italy.
Study visit to Tokyo.
Married Beatrice Larose.
Stacks Image 48
“Collection” series.

Study visits to Madeira, where he presented ECIS Executive Secretary Michael Maybury with a portrait.
Stacks Image 49
Richard Caston produced illustrations for the ECIS book “The Essential Guide for Internqtional Schools” (Langford, Pearce,Rader and Sears), John Catt, London.
Stacks Image 50
Stacks Image 51
Appointed as Examiner in the Visual Arts for the International Baccalaureate.

Richard Caston with Hans Lauterbach - Participated in the “Ratschläger-Kunst“ charity art event in Düsseldorf
Richard Caston with Peter Edwards
Organised, presented and participated in the “2000 Years of Mankind” exhibition at the Acropolis Congress Centre, Nice, for the European Council of International Schools Conference.

Death of father George Caston.
Group exhibition in the Meerbusch Artist’s exhibition, Teloy Mühle, Meerbusch.

Organised the Art Conference for European Council of International Schools, Düsseldorf, where he presented “Clouds and Ladders: Guiding the Teaching Process”.
Stacks Image 58
Studied with Prof. Howard Gardner at Project Zero, Harvard University, Boston.

Organised and participated in the “Renaissance and Teenage Art” exhibition at the Studio Arts Center International Gallery, Florence, where he presented “Creativity and the Teaching Process”.
“Journey to Acadia” series.
50th Birthday Exhibition at the International School of Düsseldorf.

“Studios” series.
1996 The Celestial Studio
Presentation: “The Creative Example”, European Council of International Schools Conference, Nice.
Stacks Image 67
Group exhibition at the ECIS Conference, Montreux.
Stacks Image 68
Richard Caston with Prof. Betty Edwards (centre) and art colleagues from International schools at the Vence Chapel.
Presentation: "The Creative Example" , European Council of International Schools Conference, Hamburg.
Presentation: “Aesthetic Judgement”, European Council of International Schools Conference, The Hague.
Birth of Julien Caston.
One Man Exhibition, Inter Art Galerie Reich, Cologne.

Birth of Serge Caston
Stacks Image 73
Began art and architecture study field-trip programme in Florence for 12 th Grade students of the International School of Düsseldorf. (1989 - 2010)
Study visit to USA.
One Man Exhibition, Galerie Kurze, Gütersloh, Germany.

Presentation: “Art in the High School”, European Council of International Schools Conference, Montreux.
Stacks Image 76
One Man Exhibition, Inter Art Galerie Reich, Cologne.
Group Exhibition, “Earth Mysteries”, October Gallery, London.
Stacks Image 803
1982 - Ancient Landscapes Exhibition
Group Exhibition, “Rilko Artists“, Hobson Gallery, Cambridge, England.
Stacks Image 79
Reproduction of Richard Caston's 1974 painting "The Ridgeway Barrow" included in John Michell's book "Megalithomania", Thames & Hudson, London.

One Man Exhibition, Galerie Manus Presse, Stuttgart.
One Man Exhibition, EP-Galerie, Düsseldorf
Stacks Image 5027
The Art of the Real, Eastern Daily Press, Norwich, UK.
Stacks Image 83
Stacks Image 84
Group Exhibition “Rilko Artists”, Acme Gallery, London.
For his first one-man-exhibition in Germany, at the EP-Galerie in Düsseldorf, Richard Caston presented 130 paintings.
Began teaching art at the American International school of Düsseldorf (later called the International School of Düsseldorf)
Stacks Image 736
The Dreaming Stone - oil 100 x 75cm
Exhibition with Paul Devereux, Die Brücke, Düsseldorf.

Study visit to the USA, Canada and Mexico.
Group Exhibition, “Auguries, Portents and Visions”, University of East Anglia, Norwich and the Royal Academy Schools, London.
Stacks Image 5055
Stacks Image 88
Magazine illustrations in London.
Graduated from Ravensbourne College of Art and Design.

Study visit to Marocco.
Stacks Image 89
The Artist with Michael Gillingwater (right) at the exhibition "Four Young Painters", Assembly House, Norwich.
Stacks Image 747
Ravensbourne college of Art -
Christopher Castle, Paul Devereux, Sam Richards and Richard Caston
Studied at Ravensbourne College of Art and Design, London with Alan Green, Anton Ehrenszweig, Adrian Berg and Brian Fielding.
Stacks Image 93
The Artist at Norwich School of Art.
Stacks Image 740
Norwich School of Art - Figure Study - oil 60 x 45cm
Studied at Norwich School of Art with John Wonnacott, David Watson and Henry Clyne.
Studied art with Geoffrey Arnison
Stacks Image 94
1961 - Still Life
Painting in own studio.
Richard Caston
First paintings in oils.
Born in Norwich, England, to Edith and George Caston. Brother Michael (b.1938) and sister Brenda (b.1939).